Picturehouse Cinemas are the largest group of independent cinemas in the UK, with a host of cinemas across the country, including London, Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Edinburgh and Norwich.

Formed in 1989, Picturehouse Cinemas challenge the trend for multiplex cinemas, and provide the customer with an independent and refreshing alternative to the traditional cinematic experience. Picturehouse also run a pop-up cinema throughout the summer months, travelling the country with their screen and bar.

Oasis Bars have been supplying Picturehouse Cinemas with mobile bars to help supply their customers with drinks for the last three years. The mobile bars are used semi permanently in several of the cinemas to ease congestion at the static bar, but due to their flexible nature are often taken into screens for private parties.

Picturehouse had previously struggled to find the kind of bar they were searching for – stylish, with the ability to look like a permanent fixture whilst allowing flexibility.

Simon Woplin, Head of Drinks at Picturehouse discusses his discovery of Oasis Bars three years ago: “We first came across Oasis Bars’ innovative design in use at an event. The owner of the bar raved about the ease of use and fantastic design of the bar, and so I visited the website.”

“A few friendly calls and emails later and we had ordered our first Oasis Bar. It was delivered ahead of time, with great care, and exceeded our expectations.”

Picturehouse have since ordered several Bar-in-a-Box bars and one Ocean Bar, complete with Back Bar. The Bar-in-a-Box models have been specially customised with a black front panel and counter top, and white edging with bespoke decals added.

Speaking about the Bar in the Box, Simon says:

“The Bar-in-a-Box is easy to transport, quick to assemble, available in a great array of finishes and colours, and was such a great addition to our business that we now own six of them!”

Finally, Simon adds:

“The team at Oasis were friendly, helpful and patient, and are always happy to work with us to realise our ideas. We now factor in at least one of the bars from their range in each new cinema we build.”

To find out more about which Oasis Bar could work for your business, call us today on 01858 881 115 or email bob@oasisbars.co.uk.