Below are some questions we are frequently asked. Click on each to read our answers. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email

Even though mobile bars are often called ‘temporary bars’, this does not mean they are disposable – it simply means that they can temporarily be used and then be stored or moved to another location.

All Oasis Bars are robust and built to last, the materials we use will not degenerate, so with appropriate care they will last for years.

N.B. We also sell padded covers for each of our Oasis Bars, these will help to extend the life of the bars.

The Galaxy Bar, Ocean Bar and Bar in a Box are modular, so whilst each of these bars are perfect to use individually, you can also add extra units to them to create a longer or bigger bar.  This allows for a different shape bar to be created, for example a ‘U’ shape, a semi-circle or full round bar, or an ‘L’ shape.

This depends on which bar you purchase but a larger bar, such as the Galaxy or Ocean Bar, can serve up to 500 people an hour (obviously if you’re serving cocktails this will take a little longer!).

It’s not uncommon for mobile bar owners to come back to us some years after they have purchased the bar and ask us to refurbish it leaving it looking as good as new.

We are happy to offer a refurbishing service for a fee depending on the condition of the bar. We can refurbish the Bar in the Box on location, but any other bars will need to be taken to our workshop for refurbishment.

None of the front bars come with in-built refrigeration, as they are specifically designed to hold kegs or bottles and glasses. This is why we recommend purchasing our Back Bar, which holds a brand new refrigeration unit, as well as space for optics and a cash register.

All of our refrigeration units have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, parts only. However, we can offer an additional parts and labour warranty upon request.

No! None of the components we use will fade in the sunlight

Our most popular portable bar changes from month to month dependent on what our customers require. Currently our Bar in a Box is most popular, due to its accessibility and easy assembly, but the sleek and luxurious design of the Ocean Bar is also a real favourite, perhaps due to the fact that everybody loves a Champagne bar!

The production time taken depends on both the product and how busy we are. Please call us to find out a more specific lead time, but on average we take 2 weeks to produce a Bar in a Box, and 3 to 4 weeks for our other bars. However, let us know when you need it for and we will try to accommodate for you.

Yes, we use a vinyl logo. First, we produce a visual for your approval, then the image is printed, and finally hand-cut before being applied to the front of the bar.

Whilst the logo is meant to be long-life, yes, it can actually be removed. Some direct heat needs to be applied, after which the vinyl will peel off and the glue residue can be washed away. However, this does means that the logo itself cannot be reused.